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3D Print your NASA Mars Perseverance Rover!

3D Print your NASA Mars Perseverance Rover!

NASA has successfully launched their Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover last month. While waiting the Rover to land the Red Planet, here goes the official Rover 3D model! read more
3D打印課程培育人材 Nurture Youth in 3D Printing Workshop

3D打印課程培育人材 Nurture Youth in 3D Printing Workshop

「3D打印課程讓我視野擴闊了很多。3D打印是一門很有發展空間但市場仍很狹窄的科技,開發市場很花功夫,沒有太多人有興趣,因大家都不知道它是甚麼...3D打印模型、裝飾、家具和日常用品只是基本,打印食物、器官已是進行式」" 3D Printing Workshop has widen my view a lot more. It has great potential to develop but the market is still very narrow when few people knows about it... From 3D printing a toy model, deco, home appliance etc. are just basics, while it has already been using to print food and testing to print organs." read more

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Hong Kong 3D Printing Services

Addify3D is a Hong Kong based digital 3D printing technology company. We are a team of very energetic and passionate people to give the greatest efforts to provide you the best services in town.

Apart from distributing 3D printers & filaments, we provide 3D printing services - Modelling & Prototyping, R&D, ODM, medical 3D printing, consultations as well as training workshops.

On R&D area, we provide total solution from scratch. Always welcome to throw us interesting ideas, and we will do from research and development, 3D modelling to the production of prototypes. We can also provide mass production injection manufacturing with supports from our group company.

Just call us or pop up to talk with us ;-)


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Our lab is at The Hong Kong Science Park, where we started from. Recently, We have move to Kwai Chung for a larger place together with our sister company to utilize both of our desktop and industrial grade 3D printers. Varies of printers are available in the showroom as demo, please feel free for a visit.

Having innovative ideas and want to print it out but don't know where to start? We can help you from drawing outlines to 3D modelling and print for you.

Call us at +852 6481 1751 or contact us

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