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My sincerest gratitude to the Addify group for being a great technical support for thenins and outs of 3D printing. Time and time again, when would face issues like our 3D printer breakingndown, or our prints were not optimal, you would be there to provide us with a solid explanation of thenissue, and of course the solution. Over time, I have learnt the ins and outs of 3D printing thanks to yournpatience and professionalism in providing us a truly wonderful customer experience. It is very rare to see such detailed advice, it is almost like you were our consultant with regards to 3D printing technologies. I look forward towards more future collaborations, especially in this interesting field of Soft, Compliant,nand Flexible Underwater Robotics!

Timothy Ng / Project Director, Vayu Project: Fastest Robotic Fish Bionics and Control Lab Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Hong Kong.

I would like to forward my sincere gratitude to you and Addify for working with me and my team, the Digital Materials Group, and providing exceptional services and the most relevant product options. Time and time again, your incredible knowledge base, outstanding expertise, and practical advices have boosted our confidence in a 3DP market filled with not only diverse but also rapid releases of new options and products. Your patience in learning the nature and needs of our project has been truly invaluable in helping us identifying the best solution possible. I can’t be more grateful with the feeling of “man, that was so informative and helpful!” every time we finish a meeting! So, thank you for all you do! A pleasure to be your customer!

Sarina Sun / Assistant Professor, Institute of Textiles and Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

I am writing recommendation testimonial letter for Addify. Addify has worked with me in the past. Their knowledge in 3D printing technology and materials have helped me in my research studies. I feel confident in recommending Addify services.

QingYun Huang / PhD Fellow, City University of Hong Kong

3D Printing Workshop has widen my view a lot more. It has great potential to develop but the market is still very narrow when few people knows about it… From 3D printing a toy model, deco, home appliance etc. are just basics, while it has already been using to print food and testing to print organs

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