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Addify provides total solutions, including 3D Printing Service, Modelling & Prototyping, Surgical Assistance & Modelling, ODM, Consultation & Trainings,and retailing for 3D printers and filaments.

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Applications of 3D Printing

Product prototyping can’t relate? So, from phone case, household applications (hook etc), flower pots, decorations, toy figures, souvenirs, DIY works, medical usage like surgical assisting tool, prosthetic etc… almost anything you can name it, it can be 3D printed and adapt to real life.

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Medical and Research

Medical & Surgical industries has always been revolving. One of the major advantage of 3D Printing is to improve the efficiency and accuracy which was not able to do it in the past. By applying the right techniques and knowledge, it can significantly help the medical personnel and benefits the patients. Addify has been working closely with universities in Hong Kong and the medical for science researches and clinical surgeries.

“Good materials and knowledge are the fundamental to build a good print.

We have them all.”

– Addify3D

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