3D打印課程技術入門班 | 3D Printing Workshop Tech Class

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Are you interested in 3D printing dont know where to start, or already started but stuck somewhere? You found the right place.

What will you be able to get in our Tech class? Tech knowledge, 3d printing foundation, 3d printing secret tips, hands on how to print, a piece of souvenir, $100 coupon, drinks and refreshments...

Just $400 for this loads, brilliant isn't it? 

Scheduled lessons are held in Cantonese. We do offer chartered English and Mandarin lessons, please contact us for information.






絕大部份初學者以至玩了一段間的朋友,也未必能完全解決過程中的問題,反而就留下了一堆問號不能解決,讓這些小瑕疵一直留在自己的作品中,甚至因為把握不到也找不到問題的所在,結果一直突破不到那個障礙。有見及此,我們的「技術班」和坊間的「3D打印課程」不一樣,外面打印課程質素參差,有很多其實走了去教CAD,對3D打印技術的涵蓋很少。而且,他們不少是跟打印機品牌合作,課程完成後就推薦那品牌的機器,或者是後繼課程,但學到的大多數都是在Google Youtube找到的基礎,真正的技巧他們未必傳授,甚至根本也不知道。






A) 9月1日星期二下午7-9時
B) 9月15日星期二下午3-5時
C) 10月6日


付款方法:在此下單、PayMe、銀行過數、轉數快 (FPS ID: 0441055)

報名方法:此頁只用作付款,報名請填妥表格 https://forms.gle/B77xedf8FvGHurqx9  或可透過Whatsapp+852 6481 1751 及email至 info@addify3d.com 查詢及報名。


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Are you interested in 3D Printing but feeling struggle and no where to start with? Or have you started already but keep failing? Welcome to Addify 3D Printing Workshop.

Tech Class - as mentioned is all about Tech, it is focused on 3D Printing technology and not related to 3D drawing which differentiate from our Fun Class.

The lesson is unlike what you can find out there in traditional institute. There are a lot of skills you can not learn from them. The courses out there could include some other topics like CAD and 3D modelling which shifts away from 3D printing tech.

As a 3D printing technology research company, a professional 3D printing company, a 3D printing ambassador, and reseller of different brands, our course does not related to any brand and therefore our students will not be pushed to purchase products.

In the lesson, you will be able to learn the introduction to 3D Printing including various type of 3D Printing technology, 3D Printing workflow from hardware to software, material choice and maintenance technique, also useful tips for a successful 3D print that you seldom can learn outside.

Come on in, join us and prepare yourself for the 3D Printing heat!


The Technical Class schedule is as follow

A) 1 Sep (Tue) 7-9pm
B) 15 Sep (Tue) 3-5pm
C) 6 Oct (Tue) 7-9pm
B) 20 Oct (Tue) 3-5pm

Fee: HKD400, including a HKD100 shopping coupon, a print out souvenir and refreshments available.

Payment Method: Order Online on this page, PayMe, bank transfer or FPS (ID: 0441055)

*This page is only for online payment. For reservation, please kindly use the google form here https://forms.gle/B77xedf8FvGHurqx9 or via Whatsapp +852 6481 1751 and email to info@addify3d.com for enquiry.

Here share the interview video of our previous student.

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