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3D Printing Introduction Workshop 3D 打印課程 (入門班)

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3D Printing Workshop Details:




短短兩小時的課程,已可讓你由Zero變Hero,把自己喜愛的3D Model都打印出來,讓你的夏日有無盡的DIY歡樂!






報名方法:此頁只用作付款,報名請填妥表格 https://forms.gle/B77xedf8FvGHurqx9  或可透過Whatsapp+852 6481 1751 及email至 info@addify3d.com 查詢及報名。


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Do you want to spend your time wisely in the wonderful lockdown Summer?

Why not joining us for the 3D Printing introduction workshop?

You will learn the introduction to 3D Printing including various type of 3D Printing technology, 3D Printing workflow from hardware to software, material choice and maintenance technique, also useful tips for a successful 3D print.

From this 2 hours course, you will become hero from zero, be able to print you favourite 3D models and enjoy your unlimited DIY fun in summer!

Come on in, join us and prepare yourself for the 3D Printing heat!


There are two options for the date, 10 July 7-9pm (Friday night) or 18 July 10-12am (Saturday morning).

Price: HKD400, including a HKD100 shopping coupon, print out from the tutorial and refreshments.

Payment Method: Order Online on this page, PayMe or bank transfer

*This page is only for online payment. For reservation, please kindly use the google form here https://forms.gle/B77xedf8FvGHurqx9 or via Whatsapp +852 6481 1751 and email to info@addify3d.com for enquiry.

Here share the interview video of our previous student.

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