Polymaker Polysher™ – Fine post processing for your 3d print

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The Polysher™ is a desktop post processing unit for 3D printing, designed to remove layer lines from PolySmooth™ and PolyCast™ prints. The Polysher™ uses Polymaker’s Layer-Free™ technology to create a fine mist of alcohol which evenly smooths the model.

Polymaker offers 3D printing accessories to optimize the user experience with their filaments.

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Polymaker Polysher

Compatible Material: PolySmooth™, PolyCast™Polishing Liquid: Alcohol (>70%) (IPA, Ethanol)Polishing Time: 20-40 min typical (varies based on part size, alcohol concentration and ambient temp.)

Maximum Part Size (Diameter*Height): 150mm x 180mm (5.9in x 7.1in)

Operating Temperature: 15 – 32 °C (59 – 90 °F)

Storage Temperature: 0 – 38 °C (32 – 100 °F)

Power Supply (INPUT): AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz, 0.4A

Power Supply (OUTPUT): 5V – 2000 mA ShenZhen Rongweixin Technology Co.Ltd

Polysher™ INPUT: 5V – 2000mAOperation manual: DOWNLOAD

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Polysher™ uses Polymaker’s Layer-Free™ technology:

Layer-Free™ technology involves exposing a 3D printed part to an aerosol of micro-sized alcohol droplets, generated by a rapidly vibrating, perforated membrane called the nebulizer. The aerosol will then be adsorbed by the surface of the 3D printed part and render it smooth and layer-free.

Polysher Layer Free


Polymaker just started introducing a new packaging, please note that you may receive a different version from the new one presented below.

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Polysher Packaging



Polymaker is an international team passionate about 3D printing. Headquartered in Shanghai, with distribution centres located in North America, Europe and Asia.
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