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Addify provides 3D Printing total solutions, including 3D Printing Services, Modelling & Prototyping, Surgical Assistance & Modelling, ODM, Consultation & Trainings,  and online shop for 3D printers and filaments.

3D Printing Services

This basic 3D Printing service enables you to print anything out with us, either you can draw your own or download 3D models by visiting some websites. Upload your model to our server and once we have received it, we will get back to you. If it takes too long for us to reply, please don't hesitate to contact us.

3D Modelling and Prototyping

In case if you do not have a model but an idea, or something serious, tell us your idea, and we will brain storm with you and discuss what we can do for you to finish your project. Don't stop yourself from being an inventor because you don't know how to draw it, let us be your hands and machines. Contact us with your idea, we will draw 2D to 3D models for your review. Then we will print it out with your selections of materials and techniques and delivery to your door.

Create your own 3D Model. 
If that's too advanced, Download something fun by visiting Thingiverse.

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Application of 3D Printing

Product modelling and prototyping, medical and surgical enhancement, personal gadgets, furnitures, decorations, DIY parts to repair, toy figures, souvenirs... etc., it is almost anything you can name it out, we can do it with 3D printing. The key to 3D printing is your creativity and needs, and you will find it applies to everywhere in daily life.

Medical & Surgical industries has always been revolving. One of the major advantage of 3D Printing is to improve the efficiency and accuracy which was not able to do it in the past. By applying the right techniques and knowledge, it can significantly help the medical personnel and benefits the patients.

Addify has been working closely with universities in Hong Kong and the medical for science researches and clinical surgeries. We are always open to oppotunities and aim to take parts to make us a better world.

Modelling and Prototyping

The recent COVID and continuous trade war has dramatically reduce the accessibility of hundreds of thousands China factories. As a result, many business in the world are seeking for alternatives which can hopefully to minimize the impacts. 3D Printing enabled the rapid prototyping for many industries.

We are capable to work as R&D, to model and prototype your products. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Selection of Printers

There are printers with FDM technology such as MakerBot, Airwolf, Zmorph, Raise 3D etc., Industrial Grade printers such as Stratasys Fortus 450, F900 and PolyJet J750. We provide wide ranges of materials and finishes to fulfill your needs.

Desktop Grade

Makerbot X

ZMorph VX

Airwolf AXIOM20

Industrial Grade

Fortus 450mc

Stratasys F900

Stratasys J750

ODM - We provide Original Design Manufacturing on demand. Our project team takes care of the research and development. Contact us for more.

Having difficulties on deciding which printer to buy for your home and office?
Do not know where to start with but having interests to learn more about 3D printing?
Need specialist to make consultation?

We have consultation services and we hold printing workshops. Please check back in May or June for the Summer workshop schedule.

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