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Who are we?

One Stop 3D Printing Solutions

We are Addify, an one stop 3D Printing solutions company based in Hong Kong providing 3D Printing services, Modelling & Prototyping, Research & Development, Orginal Design Manufacturing (ODM), 3D Surgical software, Consultations & Training workshops. We are also an authroised retailer of 3D printers, filaments, accessories of many famous brands, such as Makerbot, Airwolf, Raise3D, Creality, Artillery, Zmorph, Fillamentum, Kexcelled (a.k.a. Hatchbox), ANTCLABS BL Touch and more.

As a Retailer

We sell FDM and DLP printers, different filaments ranging from PLA, TPU, ABS, PETG, PC, Nylon, Carbon Fibre, Antibacterial / Antimicrobial and others, accessories such as build plates, nozzles, enclosures & BL Touch. We source great products across US, Europe and Asia. Our staff are very knowledgable and unlike normal salesperson from shops, they are 3D printer users themselves and know well about it so they know what to recommend to fulfill your needs.

As an Engineer

As a 3D printing expert, we do 3D model repairing, 3D printing consulting and product development.

Our Team

We are composed of a bunch of young people raised in Hong Kong, Asia, Oceania,  North America & Europe. We make use of and share our different backgrounds and cultures to make our environment unlike any local 3D printing company outside. We are confident, because we are different. You will know once you get to know us.


If you are not ready to own one yet, or your project is far too complicated, too large or in need of specific materials, then our 3D Printing services tailored to your requirement and scale is just something you need. The printing techologies can be selected from FDM, MSLA/DLP to Industrial FDM, Polyjet and SLA.

In next level, we provide total solution of Modelling and Prototyping services converting your idea from ideas to 3D drawings, 3D printing and you will have the prototype on your hand.

We also provide consultation and trainings on demand. (Please contact us for details.)

Interested to know more? Don't hesitate to give us a call.

* According to our customers satisfactory survey, our services have been unbeatable. Our customers range from universities and enterprise.

Advance Reliable 3D Printers

The printers we have inhouse are: Stratasys F900, 450mc, Polyjet J750, Makerbot Method X, Raise 3D Pro 2 Plus, AIRWOLF AXIOM (FDA approved printer) and EVO series, ZMorph, Creality, Artillery, Tenlog, Biqu etc. We can fulfill your needs with our wide range of printers.

Professional 3D printing service

What does professional mean to you? Anyone know how to slice a 3D model and print it out can start their 3D printing company. Therefore, it means a lot to us when we talk about professional printing. Our engineers are very knowledgable and have been in the 3D printing industry for a long time. We know the printers inside out, we are familiar with the materials and all the printing skills. Just send us your 3D model file (STL) and we can print it out for you on your demand of specific printers, colours and materials. We can provide professional suggestion based on your needs.

3D Modelling and Prototyping

3D Modelling capabilities from prototyping to final product for Short-Run Manufacturing support to On-Demand Production. Don't know where to start with? Just share us your idea and we will brainstorm for you.

Medical surgical planning

We have been working with hospitals, clinics, medical personnels and university for medical 3D printing applications. We can provide help with Medical Image Processing, Segmentation and 3D printed medical models.

For more details, please visit our Services page or simply contact us.

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