Christmas Count Down Sale

是日減價產品 Sale of the Day


我哋揀咗24款產品,包括人氣3D Printer、膠絲耗材、打印床等,等大家可以開開心心印聖誕裝飾!由12月1日上午10點開始,每日早上10點就會更新下一個減價貨品,限時24小時,而且數量有限,大家記得把握機會喇!

另外,Creality Ender 6 (HK$3999) 同埋 Creality CR10S Pro V2 (HK$4299) 可以作事前訂購,預先訂購嘅朋友更可獲額外送一卷Kexcelled PLA添(顏色隨機)!

最Update詳情,梗係要留意我哋IG同Facebook Page啦,你Follow咗未呀?

Have you got your wishlist or want to gift someone? Here is the chance, our biggest sales ever!

We have selected 24 items including popular 3D printers, different colours of Christmas theme filaments, accessories etc to count down with you to the Christmas starting from 1 December 10:00am.

There will be one item on sale everyday from 10:00am for just 24 hours and limited stocks! If you have found something you want, you gotta be right here sharp at 10am and be real quick or you will miss it when it is out of stock. Some items are in SUPER SALE like never and actually lower than any shop! Make sure you do it on time!

For Ender 6 (HK$3999) and Creality CR10S Pro V2 (HK$4299), pre-order is available with a roll of Kexcelled PLA as PRESENT!.

Check out and follow our IG/ Facebook Page for the everyday's reminder!! And, bookmark this page if necessary!

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