Kexcelled PLA K5Magic Marble Black

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Kexcelled PLA K5 Magic offers an awesome texture finish that looks like rocks. The Marble Black colour is good for printing architectural models, statues, household and bathroom accessories. It has the PLA features which is easy to print and no odor.


Product Details:

Fillamentum PLA Vertigo Starlight

Kexcelled PLA K5 Magic Marble Black

Environmental friendly
Heat Resistance
  • Diameter: 1.75
  • Weight: 1kg filament


PLA K5Magic/Sparkle offers an awesome spots texture finish that looks like rocks from real life. Different from normal PLAk5 series, PLA K5Magic offers a variety of final finish to make your prints more realistic and lively. We believe our magical filament will take you to a colorful, magical, and realistic kingdom. We recommend using PLA K5Magic for printing architectural models, bathroom accessories, landscaping, and statues.

Technical Specifications

Material typeFDM PLA
Tolerance± 0.03 mm
Print Temperature200°C-220°C
Heated Bed Temperature30°C-60°C
Net Weight1kg
Speed of printing40-80 mm/s
Material density1.23 g/cm3
Melt flow index7-12 g/10 min
Tensile strength45-49 MPa
Elongation at break2-4%
Vicat softening temperature59 °C
Heat deflection temperature54 °C
Filament Material Type
Filament Diameter
Country of Origin
Marble Black

Kexcelled PLA K5Magic Technical Data Sheet

Kexcelled PLA K5Magic TDS Download (170.64k)

Kexcelled PLA K5Magic Safety Data Sheet

Kexcelled PLA K5Magic SDS Download (150.29k)

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