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Kexcelled ABS K5 Kexcelled ABS K5 2
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Kexcelled ABS K5

Outstanding impact resistance with much less warping and cracking Great process stability and easy to print Good flowing behavior and physical features Lower printing temperature & low shrinkage
Kexcelled PLA K5Magic... Kexcelled PLA K5Magic... 2
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Kexcelled PLA K5 Magic offers an awesome texture finish that looks like rocks. The Marble Black colour is good for printing architectural models, statues, household and bathroom accessories. It has the PLA features which is easy to print and no odor.
Kexcelled PLA K5Silk Kexcelled PLA K5Silk 2
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PLA K5Silk is made by a variety of biopolymer material with a silk appearance that keeps the outstanding PLA printing features such as non-irritating odor, layer adhesion, UV resistance, etc.
Kexcelled PLA K5 Kexcelled PLA K5 2
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PLA k5 is the most economical and universal 3D printing material. It fits very well with all kinds of FDM 3D printers, and is especially suited for larger size models without worrying about warping issues. The optimal PLA K5 has better mechanical performance through improved impact strength and high fluidity which enables you to print in wider temperature...
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