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只把記憶或腦部轉移,然後又可以再活下去了,哈哈 (中年的筆者多麼的渴望啊...)


廢話說多了... 相信你仍留在這裡就代表你對3D打印有興趣,就留待有心學習的朋友再慢慢跟我們一起研究吧 : )

我們7月10、7月18會舉辦3D打印技術工作坊的入門班,8月1日會舉辦比較輕鬆和IGable的Fun Class,觀迎大家報名參與。


8月1日的Fun Class詳情將於7月第一星期公佈,空位尚餘不多(已有內部認購啦),有興趣可以搶先跟我們聯絡喔!

It was a sunny and lovely afternoon. We went out for some fresh air after being so busy since we have moved.

We were at the seafront of our ex-working place, the breeze and the ray hit on our faces relax us.

Oh, wakey. We forgot our objective. We came back for the interview of our graduate - Nobita Senpai, for the interview.

Nobita is our first student while our workshop haven't even started. He absolutely knew nothing about 3DP, until one day he realised how creative he could be with a 3D Printer and he became unstoppable. And now, he is a geek, all these happened in just months.

We were like parents watching our baby grown, from crawling to running, it is just amazing. And this time he showed off more of his prints, we were so pleased to see that.

3D Printing has great potential to develop but the market is still very narrow when few people knows about it. It was like how people looked at the drones, it was only a luxury fun until people found how amazing the video clips are and how useful it could be.

3D Printing is different. It is not intended for fun, of course you can, but it is something widely applicable to your daily life. From 3D printing a toy model, deco, home appliance etc. are just basics, while it has already been using to print food and testing to print organs.

If you have watched a comic or anime called Gantz, you can recall how the people being printed in the room. I didn't know anything about 3DP, but now I realise it could actually be real which we can print human one day. Just moving the memories or the brain, then people can be long lived.

To speed up the development of 3D printing, it is very essential to nurture young talents. Don't even look down on just printing decos, because one day everyone can DIY their own there will be no shops, no shopping and no black friday (v.v. sales every day!)

No matter what is going to be in the future, I am glad you are still here reading. So, if you are interested in learning a little more, you are invited to join our workshop. For details, please check https://www.addify3d.com/workshop/285-3d-printing-introduction-workshop

There will also be a fun class on 1 Aug which is "Not So Tech" and just for fun. Welcome to ask more! : )

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