Customising Ender 3 Pro

Alright. The printer I am talking about is Creality Ender 3 Pro.

Bloody hell, Ender 3 Pro again!? Yes, you are absolutely right, because we love it!

As you may wonder, like C'mon people why are you talking about this printer, it is NOT new!?

Oh darling, because it just outstands other printers by its gorgeous printouts and when you explore a little deeper you would find the unlimited potential to upgrade or modify.

This photo below shows our Ender3 with some mods (Cooler, tools tray, filament feeder) on it.

The printer is highly customisable, to draw an analogy it is a rooted Android phone and sky is the limit.

I am an iPhone and Andriod phone user, I do enjoy the user friendliness of an iPhone but I love Android for its possibility of customisation which we can never get on an iPhone.

I jumped out from those iPhone alike limitation on those surrounding printer, and this little budget printer allows me to DIY and that is just so much fun.

After some experiences on it for months, here is an unofficial conclusion I can make.


  • Cheap. Bargain. Best printer under HK$2000 / USD300. 
  • Easy to modify using different aftermarket parts/kits and you can always find some free to download and print it yourself.
  • By using the orignal drivers without hacking, it is already slient enough, compare to those noisy monsters...
  • Print quality / Cost performance is just unbeatably good
  • Flexible print bed elongate the service life of the build surface (Don't even need to use scraper)


  • Have to apply some tricks when building the printer. It's fun for DIYer, but some people hates it.
  • Hot End limited to 260 degree.

That's all for today. See you next week.

Addify Team

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