Polymaker Polysher™ Polymaker Polysher™ 2
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Polymaker Polysher™

Polymaker offers 3D printing accessories to optimize the user experience with their filaments. The Polysher™ is a desktop post processing unit designed to remove layer lines from PolySmooth™ and PolyCast™ prints. The Polysher™ uses Polymaker’s Layer-Free™ technology to create a fine mist of alcohol which evenly smooths the model.
ZMorph Single Plastic Extruder 3.0 mm ZMorph Single Plastic Extruder 3.0 mm 2
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ZMorph Single Plastic Extruder 3.00 mm

3.00 mm Single Plastic Extruder - The basic solution for 3D printing with a single 3.00 mm material.
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